Defensive Driving

Do your employees drive company vehicles, equipment, or travel as a direct result of their job? Factors such as these can increase insurance costs for your business.

Our Defensive Driving Course is designed to meet your industry needs:

  • Corporations—employees driving company vehicles, part of job requirements, or occupational or insurance requirement.
  • Court Referrals—drivers who are required to attend a defensive driving course.
  • Government—statutory or loss prevention requirement.
  • General Public—continuing education, family intervention, or insurance reductions.

What can our Defensive Driving Course do for your company?

  • Save you money. Insurance companies in 34 states offer discounts!
  • Decrease vehicle down time.
  • Save lives. It has been estimated that 75% of accidents are due to driver error.
  • Decrease lost production time.
  • Decrease hospitalization costs.

Our Defensive Driving Course teaches drivers:

  • How to avoid collisions.
  • The dangers of speeding.
  • Proper following distances.
  • The importance of occupant protection devices.
  • The harmful effects of intoxicating substances.
  • Additional information to keep them safe.

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