excitedtoddlergirlYear 2014 is going to be one of excitement and change for Workforce Essentials.  The highlight will be moving into our new administrative headquarters and Career Center in the early summer timeframe.

Many thanks are offered to the Board of Director’s of Workforce Essentials, who have invested heavily into the future of the company by providing the funding for this state of the art facility.

The building is progressing nicely.  Old man winter is trying his best to delay our efforts with all of the rain and cold weather.  However, we hope to move in June so that everyone will be acclimated to their new surroundings and start the fiscal year off with a bang in July.Workforce_Essentials_-_Clarksville,_TN_ConstructionCam_Lite_2014-01-02_120000

John is working diligently to plan the move which will require staff training on the new technology in the building.  If you are in town and would like a tour, please contact John Watz.  He is at the site regularly and will be happy to show you around!