Company Leadership

Marla Rye

Marla Rye: President of Workforce Essentials and fearless leader. With a background in Accounting and nerves of steel, Marla has been with Workforce Essentials even BEFORE we were born. Involved in Workforce Development for over 25 years, Marla has the workforce system experience, know-how, and determination to ensure every customer receives the best job training services available. Couple that with a people-friendly personality and a nose for new business and we have the best of both worlds in our leadership at the top.

Andrea Dillard

Andrea Dillard: Vice President of Program Services. Andrea is the magnificent point person for all activities at the American Job Centers. She too has been working in Workforce Development & Job Training for over 25 years. Andrea and her staff across middle and west TN work wonders delivering every bit of value out of federal and state grants for individuals who need support and job training. Way to Go Andrea!

Natalie McLimore

Natalie McLimore: Vice President of Family Services. A driven team leader and knowledge powerhouse in her field she works extensively with partners and employers to develop a transformational dialog to assist in meeting the needs of the community. Supervising the delivery of the Families First/TANF Employment and Case Management Services in 60 counties in Middle and West Tennessee she works along with her staff to ensure customers reach long term Self Sufficiency.