Employer Incentives

Workforce Essentials training consultants help you take advantage of Tennessee’s programs and grants, receive compensation for employee training expenses, access the benefits of WIOA business services, claim tax credits for hiring new employees, and work with the Tennessee American Job Centers for complimentary services.

State grants for companies in Tennessee as employer incentives

This Incumbent Worker Training Program provides grant funding for customized training for existing for-profit businesses. Learn more!

Work opportunity and tax credits in Tennessee for companies.

This program is one way employers can reduce their Federal Income Tax by claiming a tax credit on each eligible new employee.

American job center services in Tennesse.

Recruiting assistance, applicant pre-screening, coordination of job fairs and much more. American Job Centers are like candy stores for employers!

Training Grants

The Incumbent Worker Training Program provides customized training grants to for-profit Tennessee businesses. Through this program, Tennessee businesses can stay competitive through state-sponsored skills trainings for full-time employees.

The Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development and Workforce Essentials administer the Incumbent Worker Training Program in Northern Middle Tennessee Local Workforce Area.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit

Receive up to $2,400 in tax cuts*! The Work Opportunity Tax Credit is one way that employers can reduce their Federal Income Tax. *Through this program, employers can claim a tax credit on each eligible new employee.

Employees Who Qualify: 1st year of employment; Member of family receiving AFDC or TANF; Qualified Veteran; Qualified Ex-Felon; Vocational ReHab Program; Qualified Food Stamp or SSI Recipient; Must work a minimum of 120 hours/annually.

Savings: Save 25% of base pay on those who work between 120 – 400 hours annually. Save 40% of base pay on those who work over 400 hours.
For example: 300 hrs @ $9.00 x 25% = $675 and 600 hrs @ $9.00 x 40% = $2,160

Benefits to Employer: $6,000 of earnings covered; Tax credit of 25% or 40% (depending on hours worked annually).

American Job Centers Services

Workforce Essentials and American Job Center partners provide services through the local American Job Centers to help build area businesses.

  • Assist with recruiting qualified personnel for job openings
  • Pre-screen applicants
  • Introduce available tax credits and other employer incentives
  • Assess your future employees’ skills
  • Customized training for your employees
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing Program Management
  • Employment physicals
  • Utilize meeting space & conduct interviews at the American Job Center
  • Coordination for mass hiring events/job fairs

American Job Center Benefits:

  • Customer focused
  • Trained staff in a friendly, workforce environment
  • Information about local, state, and federal funded programs in a single location

Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP)

Workforce Pipeline tapped out? Join as a host site for the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP)

Non-profit organizations and government agencies are facing a mounting challenge. The Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) isn’t merely a staffing resource; it’s a well-crafted, federally backed initiative aimed at connecting adults aged 55 and over with meaningful employment opportunities within non-profit organizations and government agencies. By becoming a host agency for SCSEP, you’re not just filling positions but engaging with demographic rich in professional background, ethical commitment, and community-oriented values. With SCSEP, you’re aligning with a program that has specific guidelines and a proven track record to enhance workforce diversity and foster a culture of inclusivity. It provides a framework for on-the-job training, enabling a seamless integration of seniors into roles that align with their skills and your organization’s needs.

Embrace SCSEP, and embark on a partnership that not only addresses the workforce crisis but enriches your organization’s culture and community impact. Become a host agency today, and transform your talent acquisition strategy with a program that has successfully bridged the age gap in employment for decades.

Unlock the potential of SCSEP Participants ready to uplift your mission. Take the first step towards a fortified workforce. Become a host agency for the SCSEP program serving 14 counties: Cannon, Davidson, Dickson, DeKalb, Hickman, Montgomery, Robertson, Rutherford, Smith, Sumner, Van Buren, Warren, Williamson and Wilson.