The Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development’s Division of Adult Education has decided to restructure the delivery of adult basic education across the state of Tennessee.

On January 10th an RFP was released to “move Adult Education forward” in the State by operating in a more efficient manner. Currently the Department awards 87 contracts for AE services across the state. Under the new RFP, only 46 contracts will be award through regional clusters. It is estimated that this change will provide a savings of up to $2 million in duplicative administrative costs. This savings will be utilized to increase student retention and performance, provide additional teacher training for more effective instruction, increase instruction hours and classes, and provide additional funding for teachers.

Workforce Essentials staff is currently working with the local Director’s of Schools to identify new approaches to deliver services. While final plans have not been finalized, the response to the RFP is due on February 25th.

More information to follow as proposals are submitted and awarded in March.