IMG_7213October ended with a hectic two weeks of activity including nine customer and employer appreciation events in nine days!

What a great turnout we had! Over 550 customers, employers and staff attended the festivities.


The support from our Board, County Mayors & Executives, and the community was phenomenal.  The newspaper in Clarksville and Dover has already run fabulous stories on the winners.  Please be on the lookout for you your event in the paper too!


A highlight of the events happened in Dickson where the President of AT&T, Joelle Phillips presented a check for $50,000 in support of the Jobs for Tennessee’s Graduates program!  The program is currently operated in Dickson, Houston, Robertson, and Williamson Counties. AT&T1


Many outstanding and deserving customers were recognized for their dedication to overcoming barriers and success in the training which landed them on a new career path.  From the female welder that drives from Dover to McKenzie every day to the mother of EIGHT that has a new career in nursing….They were all exceptional and are to be commended!


As the holiday season approaches, please take time to remember and appreciate all that we have to be thankful for! 

Marla Rye