Breaking the Mold!
If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got!  Breaking the mold is something that Workforce Essentials has always been willing to do and this time it’s no different.  Treva announced last week that an exploratory committee has been formed to investigate the concept of cross training between WIA, Families First, and Business Services.
In an effort to maximize efficiency and eliminate burdensome silos, the group will explore multifunctional staffing in the nine workforce area.  The process is being enhanced by the fact that soon we will have a common data system.  Salesforce will be the common language between programs.
While the concept seems promising, the committee will have to explore the strengths and
weaknesses of the integrated approach.  We have selected a knowledgeable team that encompasses professionals from each of the current program streams.  Treva will be facilitating the session, and the management team will be analyzing the recommendations.
Let’s Break the Mold!