Workforce Essentials offers a variety of testing & assessment services to assist and strengthen the selection and management of your company’s most important assets…your employees! Through an in-depth needs analysis, we will develop a customized assessment program to meet all of your employment needs.

Using a variety of professional assessment tools, we will assist your company in making “best-fit” human resource decisions, while safeguarding objectivity in selection, training, and promotion. We offer innovative, cost-effective, and legally defensible human performance assessment and development materials, programs, and services.

  • Cost-effective analysis.
  • Targets important tasks necessary to function in any job.
  • Assessment – entry level to executive.
  • Job-related aptitude and ability testing.
  • ‘Potential’ rating of the individual to fit your requirements, as well as a variety of other jobs.
  • Ability to customize job requirements or use our validated industrial database.
  • Team compatibility profiling.

One of our most effective assessment tools is a Job Profile, a job analysis system that helps businesses identify the skills and skill levels employees must have to perform particular jobs effectively. Workforce Essentials just happens to have a nationally certified job profiler on staff that will customize a professional job profile just for you! Conducted by our ‘Profiler’, the procedure is designed to systematically develop accurate profiles through a task analysis that is used to select the tasks most critical to a job, a skill analysis that is used to identify the skills and skill levels required at the entry level and for effective performance on that job, and skill ranking determines which skills are the most critical to the job.

Here’s the bottom line…

  • Achieve a better return on your human resources investments.
  • Maximize your human capital through tailor-made training and development programs.
  • Link individual and team successes to your business strategy.

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