Work Opportunity Tax Credit

Receive up to $2,400 in tax cuts*! The Work Opportunity Tax Credit is one way that employers can reduce their Federal Income Tax. *Through this program, employers can claim a tax credit on each eligible new employee.

Employees Who Qualify: 1st year of employment; Member of family receiving AFDC or TANF; Qualified Veteran; Qualified Ex-Felon; Vocational ReHab Program; Qualified Food Stamp or SSI Recipient; Must work a minimum of 120 hours/annually.
Savings: Save 25% of base pay on those who work between 120 – 400 hours annually.
Save 40% of base pay on those who work over 400 hours.
ie: 300 hrs @ $9.00 x 25% = $675     600 hrs @ $9.00 x 40% = $2,160
Benefits to Employer: $6000 of earnings covered; Tax credit of 25% or 40% (depending on hours worked annually).

If all that makes your head spin…call us and we’ll help you through it!

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