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Learn more about the driver education programs we offer at Workforce Essentials. We provide driver’s training courses for teens and adults. We offer classroom training as well as behind-the-wheel training, so you can get experience with the help of a certified driving coach. We hope this information helps prepare you for starting your first driver’s ed class. When you’re ready, sign up for a class! We look forward to seeing you soon!

What to Expect With Driver’s Ed Training at Workforce Essentials

2022-04-19T14:53:21-05:00April 19th, 2022|Driver Education Articles|

Workforce Essentials is proud to offer certified and state-approved drivers education courses in Tennessee. We offer classes in Montgomery, Robertson, and Dickson Counties. So far we’ve helped more than 17,000 Tennessee drivers learn the ways of the road. In this article, we’ll discuss more of the nitty-gritty of our driver's education classes for teens and young adults.  What Should I Expect From Workforce Essentials’ Driver’s Ed Training? For traditional high school-age driving classes, students can expect 30 hours of quality classroom instruction and training. Then, where the rubber meets the road, is the 6 [...]


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