Did-You-Know-question-142804Employers, education administrations and institutions of higher education incorrectly ask whether an applicant has his or her “GED.” Having proof of a high school credential is essential for many careers and postsecondary education opportunities. However, the GED is a test — not something earned.

HiSET, GED and TASC scores are mobile, meaning they can be used for employment and college applications throughout the United States. Test takers now have a choice as to what test they choose to take based on various categories such as price or whether the test is available in paper- and/or computer-delivered formats.

HiSET is now the only HSE test Tennessee offers.  HiSET offers both paper-based and computer-based testing, cheaper testing fees, and fantastic customer service. For more information about Adult Education, please contact us @ 1.800.826.3177.