Individual FAQs

Q. Can I receive Unemployment Insurance and still receive free job training?
A. Absolutely. Workforce Essentials has partnered with the state and federal Departments of Labor and you are allowed to attend training and receive Unemployment Insurance while participating in approved job training. Whew…were you worried there for a minute?

Q. What type of training services or schooling is available through Workforce Essentials?
A. Training must be short-term and in-demand for your area. By ‘short-term’ we mean 18 months or less and ‘in-demand’ means that employers are currently looking for employees with skills that result from the training or schooling you receive. Loads of possibilities abound!

Q. What are some examples of this training?
A. We’re glad you asked! We currently have hundreds of people in training in such occupations as Surgical Technology, HVAC, Industrial Maintenance, CDL Certification, LPN, Bookkeeping, A+ Computer Technology, Accounting, and many, many more. An example of training that would not be approved (at this time) would be manicurist or cosmetology training. There are over 300 schools in Tennessee that are approved training providers. This means there are numerous opportunities to match you up with your career desires, capabilities, and needs.

Q. Do I have to pay back any of the costs of this training we’re talking about?
A. No, the tuition fees and associated training costs we cover are all provided free of charge to those who qualify. What we ask of you is to commit to the training, see it through, do your best, and focus on getting a job as soon as you complete your training. Workforce Essentials will also provide job leads, help prepare you for job interviews and assist in creating a resume that works! We like to pay it forward…now you can too!

Q. What is covered under this adult education program and what is not?
A. Tuition, associated fees, and labs can be paid for under this program. There may even be some funding to offer you some level of support to cover expenses such as mileage or daycare during your training or schooling. What Workforce Essentials cannot pay for is your house payment, non-approved training, four- year college degrees, rent, insurance, or other bills not related to your training. Still sounds like a good deal to us!

Q. Is all of this guaranteed? It sounds too good to be true!
A. Awww…that’s sweet. Unfortunately, all of our training programs are dependent upon available state and federal funding. That is why it is important for you to act quickly and explore your opportunities by making an appointment to see if this is the right program for you. Our career counselors will be happy to walk you thru it.

Q. Is this all I need to know about job training?
A. It would be impossible to explain all the possibilities and/or limitations of this program on one page, BUT if you are interested and think you may qualify for job training please call us. Our training opportunities are customized to each individual. Our goal is to get you into a job that enables you to be self-sufficient. Now that’s a good plan!