The Workforce Essentials Board of Directors met by conference call last Wednesday afternoon to discuss the Madison Street Church of Christ property which they purchased earlier this year.  The original plan was to renovate the property and co-locate the Tennessee Career Center and Workforce Essentials’ Administrative office on the site.  However, after hiring an architectural firm and obtaining estimates on the renovation work, the Board began contemplating if  remodeling was the most efficient and cost effective approach.  Remodeling an older building is like getting a facelift, you might look good for a while, but you still have an old building when you are finished and the wrinkles will show up again!  Utilities and building maintenance cost were also figured into the cost of operation of the building.  After a thorough investigation, the Board decided that future home of Workforce Essentials and the Tennessee Career Center would be better housed in a newly constructed, energy efficient building.  The new building was designed by Brad Martin of Lyle-Cook-Martin Architects.  The 34,000 Sq. Ft. building will be on three levels, one of which will be a basement.  Also designed into the structure is an additional 5,000 sq. ft to be used for storage and future expansion.