Try Different, Not Harder Workforce Essentials meetingWorkforce Essentials held its annual staff development and training at Old Glory in Clarksville. The event, organized to celebrate employee successes in 2015-2016, encompassed a theme to Try Different, Not Harder. A great time was had by all, as we welcomed our new Adult Education District Staff and paraprofessionals to the event for the first time. 

The theme represented embracing change within the organization. Karl Schoemer said it best in his book, “In the old environment, there was time to adjust. People had the chance to get comfortable and to work through their resistance to changes occurring around them.  Now, in today’s world, if you aren’t adapting to change and constantly recreating yourself or your organization, you are following behind or losing your competitive advantage. He states, “Look around. There are people in your organization, in your department, maybe even in the same job, who are thriving on all this change. If they have adjusted and you haven’t, who is at risk? Who is vulnerable? Who is unhappy? Embrace change and Take Charge of your happiness!

All employees were challenged to Try Different, Not Harder to improve themselves and the organization.  Guest speaker, Derek Young brought this message home in his heartfelt presentation.  The highlight of the day was recognizing and rewarding Workforce Essentials’ outstanding employees for their workforce development contributions. I congratulate all of the nominees and the winners!

Marla W. Rye