Once a year, the offices of Workforce Essentials, Inc. close in order to recognize the outstanding achievements of our wonderful staff.  On September 13th, we were able to come together at Paris Landing State Park to network, learn, and rejuvenate through a full day of events focused on teamwork.

This year, we were able to kick back and enjoy the “team” atmosphere while wearing our favorite team attire. The camaraderie really kicked in with Brother John OsWaltz’s version of Rocky Top!  However, after reviewing the survey, I quickly realized that the highlight of the day was motivational speaker, Lisa Smartt.  Through humor, she was able to share with us approaches and tips on dealing with not only our customers, put all people through respect and professionalism.

 We were honored to have Chairman Apple and Ruth with us throughout the day. We especially appreciate his willingness to participate in the awards program and acknowledge the outstanding work that is being recognized.


I want to personally congratulate all of the award winners!


Workforce Essentials Ambassador:  Renea Rosson


Chairman’s Award for Leadership:  Helen Balthrop


Essential Instruction of the Year: Lori Burgess & Melissa Woodard


Essential Support Employee of the Year: JW Sudduth


Essential Field Staff of the Year:  Eve Osborne


Essential WFTN/FF Employee of the Year (Regions 1 & 3):  Sally Burnham

Essential WFTN/FF Employee of the Year (Region 2): Ericka Sumner


Business Services Award:  Dickson County


Essential Business Services Employee of the Year: Hector Adames


Career Center of the Year:  Humphreys County


WFTN/FF Office of the Year (Regions 1 & 3): Maury County


WFTN/FF Office of the Year (Region 2):  Gibson County


WFTN Placement Award (Regions 1 & 3):   Shenna Cox-Robertson County


WFTN Placement Award (Region 2):  Faye Reed-Tipton County


WFTN WPR Award  (Regions 1 & 3)   Michelle Lowe-Montgomery County


WFTN WPR Award (Region 2) Sheila Keaton-Tipton County


Newcomer Award:  Vicki Crosier


People’s Choice Award: Carla Kemp